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Posted Jan 01 2010 10:34am
If you are a parent of a kiddo with CI's, the above photo will make sense to you. This is just a small sample of the batteries we have amassed in just the last few months. Six batteries every four days or so equals what you see above.

When Peas moved to wearing his CI's on his ears, we had the option to switch to rechargeable batteries. I had just purchased a case of disposable batteries so we decided to wait until they were gone to make the switch.

Today is day two with the rechargeables. So far, so good. I am told that they last 10-12 hours on a charge but that sometimes they can last even longer. Since Peas still takes a two hour nap each day, I have decided to switch them out when he naps so I don't have to worry about them suddenly dying.

The battery is certainly lighter and easier to pop in and out than the disposable kind. Now his entire processor barely weighs anything- MED-EL is certainly ahead of the curve in that department.

I'm not sure how it will work when he stops napping, though. Changing his batteries midday seems quite inconvenient. Still, the batteries don't cost us anything and they are most certainly better for the environment. We'll see how I feel in a few months.

This next picture is what happens when you try to fold and put away clean laundry around my children. They aren't much for toys, they would rather wrap themselves in sheets and make forts out of laundry baskets.

The last pic is from our family-friendly New Year's Eve celebration. (Don't worry, that's sparkling grape juice.) A good time was had by all and Peas perfectly imitated the words HAPPY NEW YEAR! Music to my ears.

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