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The Language Benefits Of An Earache

Posted Jul 28 2009 12:52am

Last week I caught a cold, which apparently over the weekend turned into a bad ear infection. I woke up with a throbbing pain and an inability to hear in my right ear. The doctor today prescribed some ear drops for the pain and antibiotics for the infection. Now I know how the little kiddos feel with these things. Ouch. 

While I can still hear with the left ear, having the right one out of commission is giving me a real life look at what it means to not have 100% hearing health. I can't localize sounds as well. I'm missing things in conversations. And, I'm generally more cranky (although I'm not sure I can chalk that all up to the ear infection ;-)

The good news in all this is that it's been a good language learning opportunity for Lily (Actually we can pretty much say this for everything we do at this point). Anyway, this afternoon I talked to her about my earache and she watched as Mom applied my ear drops. We talked about how medicine would make it better and she repeated and mirrored our vocabulary and language during the "lesson". This evening was when it paid off. She was getting ready for bed and came up to me with a hug and said "Daddy's ear hurts. Medicine. Mommy fix it." I'm glad Lily can hear, even when Daddy can't.

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