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The Haircut

Posted Nov 18 2008 12:18am

Went to local beauty salon to get Gage a haircut. We had a different stylist and I quickly explained that he wouldn't be able to hear her once he took off his processor, she needed to face him to speak (he reads lips well, but the mirror image may throw him off). As he was getting his hair cut this little seven year old boy walks over to me and said "why does he not wave at me? I said hey to him but he didn't say it back?" Well, here goes the lesson! This little boy was SOOOO interested and asked the most intelligent questions. His mom was busy on a cell phone and had no idea what was being discussed. He asked me if the processor would get bigger as he got older...he asked me if one day could Gage wear those kind that fit inside his ear (meaning hearing aids)...he even asked if he could wear it. When Gage got finished, we demonstrated how a paper clip would stick to his head and the boy said "So Cool!". Once the stylist was finished they had a short conversation (just boy stuff) and we were ready to leave. Unfotunately a different stylist opened her mouth (she's done this before!) and apologized to me for my kid being deaf!!!! I played dumb and when she said "I'm sorry" and rolled her eyes toward Gage, I said "excuse me?" and sat there until she made herself clear she was referring to my kid! I wanted to give her a chance dispite her previous record. I quickly stated she needn't apologize, it doesn't bother him...I can't wait to go back though, I have a whole list of other things I'd like to say! I mean strike three and you're out right? Even a seven year old had more respect!

and though he wasn't sporting the mohawk at the time, this is his preferred you think he likes attention?
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