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The first week

Posted Sep 08 2012 8:33am
The kids finished their first week of school and everything went well. All of them are loving their teachers and getting back to a routine. For me it felt like the longest week EVER and I am glad it is over. I am starting to find a rhythm at home balancing chores and the puppy and trying to sneak in some yoga and gym time too. The day goes so quickly. The boys are exhausted messes when they get home. I am hoping they learn to sleep a bit later in the mornings.

Peas' FM system seems to be working well. The only glitch so far has been keeping the much longer FM sleeves plus the receivers on his ears. We have never had a problem with this in the past because his regular battery sleeve is very small. I added just a little toupee tape and that seemed to do the trick. And it also made me so happy that he is still willing to wear the retention clip. The thought of losing a processor at school is not something I want to worry about!

Peas' awesome educational audiologist has already been in the classroom todo a listening check through the FM and to check everything out. Every classroom at our elementary school is fitted with a soundfield system. Yep, you heard that right! Every classroom teacher wears a mic and all the kids benefit from the extra amplification and as a former teacher, I know that they appreciate not having to raise their voices over noisy kids! It becomes tricky when a teacher also has to wear an FM mic. The educational audiologist reported that Peas' teacher already has it down. yay! (She has had other kids with FM systems before)

I haven't been in the school yet but I plan to be at least weekly once the teachers are ready for parent helpers. I am also room Mom for both classes so I am sure they will be tired of my face soon enough.

Some more pics from the first week...

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