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The Drama issues...

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
While I don't really have a lot of readers on my blog, there's a few that don't read other people's blogs, which is fine by me. I felt this was worth noting.

When I was reading Abbie's blog, I was pretty shocked at what she had to say about Rachel's blog being removed from DeafRead. I do not read mainly because I'm not interested in reading so many different blogs...I have enough blogs to read as it is!

Anyways, basically the issue is Rachel, who was implanted in 1981, had her blog taken off because "claims" that her site is affiliated as an employee with Cochlear America, which she is not at all. She's just a volunteer for Cochlear America Network (which I think I should do). All I can is WTF? A lot of the blogs that I do read have talked about this issue.


I just hate when people nitpick on every single blog and dissect it and hoping to find a secret that can cause drama all over the Blogging world. I feel for you Rachel. Now I'm off to read ALL the way at the beginning. That's how you do it. :-D
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