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Thank you, nice people

Posted Jan 22 2009 6:14pm
I am happy to report that Peas is back to his joyful self. I think his crankiness was a combination of the virus, two monster molars coming in, and being overwhelmed with the second activation. He is all better now.

So today I took all three out for lunch. I am also pleased to report that Cam (the child who did not touch anything but baby food until 13 months and was in weekly feeding therapy) ate tofu, broccoli, chicken and noodles. Needless to say, I am no longer concerned about his eating habits! He really has come a long way.

As we were finishing up and I was attempting to clean up the tornado we created, an older couple came over to our table. Being the mom of twins, I am used to this celebrity treatment and expected a cliche (annoying) comment like: "Boy, you really have your hands full!" Instead, they told me how much they enjoyed watching my interaction with my children during their lunch. They said it was such a joy to watch me with my kids and that it made their day.

And it made mine too.
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