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Template for teachers

Posted Jul 24 2012 11:42am
School starts soon!

I found a great template to give to your child's mainstream teachers on the Listening and Spoken Language Knowledge Center's website and wanted to share how we tweaked it for Peas' soon to be teachers. The plan is to share this with not only his kindergarten teacher (who was formerly a TOD who knows a lot about a spoken language approach) but also with his music, art, physical education, guidance and substitute teachers.

Please steal and share your comments on what you like or don't like about this template...

Noah xxx
Parents: Melanie and Nick xxx
Parent’s Contact:
Melanie cell:
Nick work:

As you may know, our son Noah has an Individualized Education Program (IEP) due to his hearing loss. He is a kindergartener in Ms. X's class. If you have not received a copy of Noah's IEP, please contact us for a copy, and discuss with us how to best ensure the agreed upon goals are met. While the IEP outlines Noah's formal educational goals, we wanted to share suggestions that will help us succeed together from day one. Please keep in mind that cochlear implants do not “fix” hearing, like glasses fix poor vision. Noah's cochlear implants help enhance his hearing, but additional assistance is still needed. We’ve listed some strategies below that help Noah to better understand conversations and classroom lessons. We are looking forward to a successful year working with you.

Thank you,
Melanie and Nick xxx

It helps Noah when:

Classroom directions and student comments are repeated. Noah may miss things that are said quickly and it is important that he not fall behind or appear to be misbehaving by not following directions.

People speak clearly and he's able to see their faces. Please try not to cover your mouth with paper or books, or talk with your back towards the class.

He doesn’t stand out amongst his classmates. If you are concerned he missed something you have said, please check with him in a subtle way. For example, he could signal you by waving a pencil.
He is able to sit close to the point of instruction whenever possible, whether it is you, videos or other activities.

The whole class understands that it’s important to speak clearly and one at a time.

Other tips:

Noah's cochlear implants help him hear much better, but he may not always understand what he hears especially if the room is noisy or if people talk too fast and on top of each other.

Comprehension checks may be necessary to ensure Noah's understanding of the directions and content of the lesson.

We are happy to talk with you about Noah's cochlear implants and FM system. We will feel better knowing that you understand how his hearing technology works.

It is possible that Noah may need to get new batteries for his cochlear implants. He can’t hear without working batteries so this is not something that can wait until recess or lunch.

It takes a lot of energy and effort to listen for many hours, especially in a new environment. Noah may be tired or grumpy by the end of the day. Please contact us if this becomes an issue.

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