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Swimming Lessons - No Problem!

Posted Jul 18 2010 12:00am

Lily has successfully mastered one week of swimming lessons.  Although I had great apprehensions of Lily being in the pool without her ears, she has tackled it like a pro.  In fact I think it has been easier on her, than on the other little girl who cries most of the time.  

With Lily, the swimming teachers are smiling and giving High Fives.  They don't have an option to use other "hearing tactics" like shouting out instructions such as "Put your chin back and kick your legs" or if you don't get in the pool your "Mom might leave." 

Lily blissfully floats, back crawls, kicks on the boards and jumps in the pool eagerly.  Quite fun to watch her young teachers work smarter to communicate.  Quite successfully I might add.  Both days they've said she is doing awesome.    Lily will be swimming on her own in no time. 

From one tearful moment to the next :)


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