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Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
I had a real good map today! P1 - ADRO, P2 - ADRO w/ autosensitivity, P3 - Beam, P4 - Silent Night. I asked her to lower the volume, lower dynamic range for Silent Night. All, except for P4, have dynamic range of 30. P4 has DR of 20 with ability to lower sensitivity. For some weird reason, everything sounds much louder at night time...happens to my hearing aids as well. So, if I need lower sensitivity and lower volume, I use Silent Night. Things are already sounding more crisp. Can't wait to listen to Harry Potter!
Here's my audiogram - I know, Supersonic hearing!
I have to find my old audiogram from 1997 for my HA, and the 2007 audiograms for HA. Then I'll add them to this one.
EDIT: Added 2/15: Forgot to add to those who don't really know how to read an audiogram. Everything in the shaded area is called the "speech banana". Hearing people normally hear at 20db line. All of this is from my left ear...the worse ear. I wonder what would have happen if I had the CI in my right. Hmm...*ponders*
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