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Sounds of Mystic, Connecticut

Posted Sep 13 2008 11:48pm
The waters are alive with the sounds of Mystic,
With stories they have told for a thousand years.
The river fills my heart with the stillness of Mystic,
My heart wants to tell every story it hears. . .My heart wants to soar like the mist on the water rising like a breath of heaven to the clouds. . .
My soul wants to sail like a ship that glides
from the pier in the wind. . .
To move gracefully through the ripples of the water like a peaceful swan. . .
To flow like the tide when the waves trip and fall over
rocks on their way. . .I go to the sea when my heart is quiet. . .
I know I will hear sounds I haven't heard before. . .

My heart is truly blessed with the sounds of Mystic. . .
And I'll return some day soon!
(by Laurie Pullins 08/27/08)
Steve and I have been traveling for business and pleasure for the last ten days. We spent five wonderful and glorious days in Mystic, Connecticut with the newlyweds, Brad & Caitlyn, and had a great time. I heard the ocean with TWO ears for the first time! It sounds so much better and more complete than just hearing it with one CI or even with hearing aids. I took so many pictures but thought I would post a few here.
The Ocean beneath my feet! Mystic is an old seaport town and has so much history. Brad & Caitlyn have a cute little apartment in an old house in the historical district of Mystic. They are within walking distance to downtown Mystic where one can browse around in the unique shops, eat out in the various restaurants, have coffee or tea in one of the shops, walk along the pier and see the fishermen and boats, and see all the old buildings and bridges. I got up early in the mornings and just walked down to the pier and the water when it was peaceful and quiet without the hustle and bustle of the tourists. One of the highlights for me was seeing and hearing the Mystic drawbridge go up to let the boats pass. It sounds a horn when it is ready to go up and sounds a bell when it is going down. And I can hear it from a distance (about a mile) from Brad & Caitlyn's house!
The Mystic Drawbridge Steve and I used to live in the New London/Groton area, which is just over the main bridge from Mystic so we did some sightseeing and traveled down "memory lane." We went to our old house and neighborhood that we used to live in, visited Ocean Beach, and just drove around. We left CT in 1982. A lot of it has changed but much of it is still the same. And we also had dinner and breakfast with some friends of ours that live in the area. It was a wonderful "mini" vacation for us. Steve and I are so thankful that we can share these memories together after all these years. Where does the time go? I wish I could go back and live in Connecticut again!
Our first house on Lincoln Avenue (the only cobblestone street in New London)The NEWLYWEDS Caitlyn & Brad!Steve & Laurie at S&P Oyster Company
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