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Something weird w/his cochlear implant?

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:01pm

Back to the subject of ADHD and something else weird w/his cochlear implant...

Gage got a 100 in conduct this week! That is just unheard of here at the Blakely home. His teacher stopped me again this week while I was subbing at the school and remarked on his improvement. Yeah! You can tell from the picture his new hobby. He comes in every~single~day and colors and draws for hours. This picture is from this morning when he had a few extra minutes to spare before school, he sat (still) and drew in his notebook. If your kid has ADHD you know unusual this may be.

On to another subject, his cochlear implant. This morning he complained for the second time in a month that when he tilted his head a certain way, he felt a weird pop around his left ci (the re-implant side) and then a sudden sensation of warmth there. Then it would go away. Not sure what that means since it's random and weird and only happened twice. Will be emailing his ci nurse to see what she says.........

Going to pick up B's new glasses this afternoon. The kids have a short day today due to a Veteran's Parade in our county and my dad called wanting to keep Gage while we go to the eye doc. So that works out great! He'll likely just draw the entire time he's there anyway. Will post the new glasses tomorrow.
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