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Snow Day!

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
Finally, first real amount of snow in good ole Jersey. 1/4 inch of snow does not count. I'm talking about a heaping 4 to 6 inches of snow...well, in my area anyways.

It's been a week since my new map, and honestly, I don't like it too much. I'm so used to hearing a lot of low frequency sounds through my hearing aids that when I don't hear it as much, it throws me off a little. Roy's voice, which is very deep, sounds a little feminine. Female voices sounds better. If I'm outside, I cannot really hear the cars zooming by. Now, I KNOW I was able to hear that before, so it's a bit strange not being able to hear it. I can hear myself talking when I'm outside, which was better than my previous map as I couldn't hear myself at all.

Even though this is my first true map, I am already noticing the differences. I have ADRO on program 1, and ADRO with autosensitivty on P2 - Well, it sounds the same to me!

I like the Beam program, however, when it comes to use for my classes, and my classmates are talking behind me, I cannot tell who it is (which during the activation day, I was able to at least tell whether it was a female or male, this time I can't). So, I'm probably will only use Beam for certain situations like restaurants. I have to experience being in a restaurant situation first to see if I really want it.

The good news is, music sounds better! Not 100%, but better! So that's an improvement. I can't wait for my next map.
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