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Simple Woman #7

Posted May 04 2009 5:27pm


For Today…

~Outside my window~

Dark charcoal grey clouds, drizzly rain, mist in the distance… tree blossoms lay scattered all over the ground resembling a dusting of snow.
~I am thinking~

I am thinking about supper. Kyersten works tonight and Chris just got home. I think this weather calls for baked macaroni and cheese. Simple, filling, “warm your heart” kind of soul food.
~From the learning rooms~

As I mentioned Chris just got home. So he worked an 8 hour + day. No school. Good thing he understands “catch up” on days he doesn’t work. Like tomorrow…
~I am thankful for~

A warm house and green tea. The latter warms the “inside of me”.
~From the kitchen~

It’s clean. I haven’t stepped in there to start supper yet, obviously. At least Kyersten filled the dish washer before leaving for work. She’s a gem!
~I am wearing~

My bathrobe! (I’m headed to the shower as soon as I post this). I’ve been doing heavy cleaning all day and need a hot shower before even attempting supper.
~I am reading~

Finished “The Shack”. I recommend it. Now I’m reading, “Into Thin Air” by Jon Krakauer. It has too many swear words (I’m almost finished and I’ve counted 51… yes, I count. I have to know whether or not to recommend it to teens!) My husband said I should read it, and it’s a good “man vs. nature” book about a tragedy at Mt. Everest in 1996. Perhaps I’d swear if I were freezing to death? Hmm… I’d rather hope I’d be praying.
~I am hoping~

I am hoping for the sun on Wednesday. I have a DEMO with Chloe and do NOT want to be walking like I’m drunk.
~I am creating~

Nada, nothing, zilch, nothing… (wails and flails arms about…)
~I am hearing~

Kiki is purring up a storm. My desk gets warmed up by my computer. She loves it.
~Around the house~

I need to finish washing the throw rugs. (Why do we call them throw rugs? I’ve never thrown one. I put them carefully in place and fuss at the dogs when they dislodge one while whizzing through the room).
~One of my favorite things~

I love the smell of freshly mowed grass. Did that Saturday and am still thinking of it! It’s the “first mow of the season”. Wish a person could bottle that stuff. (sniff, sniff, “Why yes… do you like it? It’s called GRASS).
~A few plans for the rest of the week~

Gotta get Kyersten to the doctor for a referral, and I have an eye appointment tomorrow. I warned them in advance I’m bringing my service dog. They are a “new” optometrist so I’m nervous.
~Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you~

Kiki is a very laid back, sweetheart of a cat.


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