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Sicky Boy (some of the content is gross...sorry)

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:45pm
I made an app. for Thomas and Jonathan to get checked on March 18th...Jonathan ended up having strep (even though the dr. said he "doubted highly" that Jonathan had strep since he had a hoarse voice). The dr. checked Thomas and he ended up having an ear infection. Jonathan left for SC with his meds and he did fine. Thomas' ear got a little worse before getting better but he did great with the meds. Thomas' last day of antibiotics was March 27 (thursday). Saturday (29th) he started with diarrhea and lack of appetite. I took him back in to the dr. on Monday, she couldnt tell if the ear was in the final stages of clearing up or if it was reinfected. We made an app. for wednesday (today). Yesterday Thomas woke up and was NOT himself. He sat on the couch instead of immediately running over to his toys and playing. He didnt want to talk, to be looked at, talked to or played with. That is when I called in to cancel his therapy session ( I hate doing that so late..sorry Lindsay). About a half hour later Thomas pointed to the bananas and pointed to his mouth...he wanted to eat!!! I happily obliged and about 30 minutes later (after putting him in his crib to go answer the door) I came back into his room to a horrible smell and the yuckiness of puke ALL over himself and EVERYTHING in his crib. At that point I was grateful that I canceled therapy and also grateful that I was in the middle of doing wash and throwing another load in wasnt too big of a deal. He barely ate yesterday and was just not himself.
We went back in to the dr. this morning... both ears are cleaar, no strep BUT he has blisters in his throat...dr. said it is probably some type of viral bug. The diarrhea should last another 48hrs (at most) and the vomitting should end soon. Between 10am and 1230pm Thomas had 4 episodes of diarrhea and is so lethargi it worries me. Even after CI surgery Thomas was not like this. He perked up, drank some juice and walked out of the hospital. He is napping now...I will let him sleep as long as he wants (I usually dont let him nap after 2pm...if he does than he doesnt want to sleep at night) and I am crossing my finges that he starts feeling better very soon. He has never been this yucky feeling!!!
I do have something cute to share...On Monday we were sitting in the exam room waiting for the doctor. A nurse walked in and wanted to get Thomas' weight. He took his shoes off and walked over to the scale. We got his weight and we sat back down. As the nurse was walking out of the room Thomas looked over at me and with very sad eyes said "Aww Dun , Mom Mom?" That is his first sentence without being asked a question. I softly told him "not yet" and picked him up and gave him a big hug and kiss.
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