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Sick Cats

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
For the past 9 years of having my own cats, I never had anything more than a simple cold. The only exception was Jamie. Jamie was a diabetic cat that I took under my wing after her owner died of cancer. I cured Jamie of diabetes, however, after 10 months of owning her, it was discovered that she has Mast Cell Tumor. I was told she would only have 4 to 6 months. She lived for over 2 years until I had to put her to sleep on July 3rd, 2007.

Mocha and Hobbes rarely get sick because they are strictly indoor cats. Until we moved...

When I moved, they both were sick. I attributed it to the house, the dirty carpets, and airplane ride. They got better. We both got Blackjack, who was battling a bad URI. He has good days and bad days. Last week was one of those bad days. He just seems lethargic and was not eating. I discovered a mark on his ear. I knew right away what it was. I took him to the hospital to confirm, and I was right. Ringworm. Aw c'mon! Ringworm is actually pretty common in shelters because once one cat gets it, a lot get it. So, it's hard to erridicate these kind of things.

Ringworm is not that much of a big deal like people would make it to be. It's just a fungus, just like athlete's foot. I treated him with medications and was given stronger antibiotics for his URI. It turned out that he had severe URI before he arrived to the shelter. Of COURSE he would get it again. The antibiotics that I've been using, his body became resistant to it. After a day with antibiotics and anti fungal medications, he has became a LOT better. He's now back to his bubbly bouncy self and eating like crazy. But has to be separated from my other two. Again?!


On Friday night, Hobbes seems to be a little off. I thought it was because of all the visitors I got (read my above post). But...he just seemed really off and not wanting to be hugged or anything. He was also hacking like something was stuck in his throat. I took him to an emergency vet. Spent about 3 or 4 hours there waiting. Xrays and physical examinations were done, there was nothing. I left with some Carafate (kind of like Pepto Bismol) to soothe his stomach and throat. He got worse on Sunday, but acts like he's a bit loopy possible due to the anesthesia. Today, he is worse. Roy took him to my regular Vet while I was in class today.

Turns out that he has a severe systematic infection. I'm just pissed off that the emergency Vet didn't really bother to check his stomach as my regular vet felt a lot of gas in his stomach and intestines. Not good.

There could be a few reasons why he has such a severe infection, but I don't want to think the worse. I'm just going to hang in there and pray for the best. It's the very first time that I ever had to leave one of my cats overnight, with exception of boarding. It ***king sucks.

I'm sick of sick cats. :-(

EDIT: 8/26/08 - I visited Hobbes today. He is a LOT better than yesterday and two days ago. He peed in the sink while the Vet was talking to me. When you gotta go, you gotta go. It was just a funny sight. The Vet said, "I have never seen that before!" I just had to laugh. Hobbes has to stay overnight again to get more IV antibiotics and more fluids just to be sure. He also needs to eat, as he hasn't eaten in 3 days. He's 15 pounds, so it's not like he is already thin. I can't wait to bring my baby boy home.
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