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Short Stories of the Family recent Happening's

Posted Jan 26 2009 5:05pm

Last Saturday we went to the zoo. Gavin was in his car seat with his little monkey stuffed animal. I could see him in the rear view mirror. Patting his monkey on the back and kissing it on it's head. It was so precious to watch. We had fun at the zoo. Did you know elephants eat Christmas trees a couple of the animals were eating them. I was thinking that if the animals eat the trees the zoo should take every one's old trees instead of people throwing them at the city dump. Anyway Gavin recently has learned to climb out of the crib so early bedtime and scheduled nap time has gone out the window. I caught it on video. It was his third time of climbing out on the video but the first night of it happening. Then one night Dustin and I went out with the winger clan grown ups. So the older girls where watching Gavin and the other little kids. Gavin spilled juice all over himself. The older girls put him in cousin Lilly pj's. We got to Gavin it was 1:30 before we made it home it was 2:30 so I put Gavin to bed with the girl jammies still on. So he ate breakfast with them on and then I took them off. But I had to get a picture. Also lately Gavin is just being two climbing on everything , jumping off things and the mess's he makes oh my! We Love him though!

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