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Say what?

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
It's been a couple days with the new map, and frankly the sounds are a little strange this time around. When Roy got home, he would speak to me, then I realized that his voice sounded slightly different than last week. It was obvious to me. It sounded like he's a woman. He naturally have a deep voice, but I don't like the sounds of his voice with the new map. I tried changing the sensitivity, but it doesn't change HOW it sounds. I decided to wait a few days with the new map to see how it goes, sounds a little bit better, but not what I'm used to. So, I'm disliking my new map. I apologized to Roy profusely when I keep asking him, "Say what?". It's a little bit obvious that I don't understand him as much as I used to. I'll put up with this until my new mapping session in a few weeks.

I've been listening to Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone with Stephen Fry. His voice sounds a little strange as well. When he does female character voices, it sounds clear, but when he normally read passages, it just sounded slightly feminine. I could tell that he draws out his voice due to his British accent. I'm on Chapter 3 now. ;-)

I was watching Spongebob Squarepants the other day, and finally realized how "annoying" his voice is. When I was first activated, his voice sounded so weird and not what I am used to hearing through my HAs. On Saturday, I was watching SS again with Roy, and I said to him, "His voice sounds so squeaky, I don't like how he sounds." I would imitate Spongebob in a voice that I was hearing. Roy said that's what his voice sounds like. I was like, "No way!" I'm used to hearing this voice - then I would imitate Spongebob in a voice that I remember him speaking. Roy says that Spongebob's voice is slightly annoying, and very high pitched. I thought it was interesting because it really threw me off! It obviously shows that my HA picks up on a lot of low sounds, bass-like sounds, and nothing in the higher frequency range.

Off to the library!
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