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Road Trip

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
After I had announced to the world, well, my family and friends, that Roy and I are moving to Las Vegas, I've gotten a bunch of congrats. I think some of these people were getting sick of hearing "news" from us. First it was my CI, then it was my Engagement, then it was our move. :-) It wasn't my fault that the engagement came. That was just totally unexpected.
Anyways, I knew a lot of my friends and family had traveled across the states, and had pets. So I asked them for advice of what to do with my cats, because that was pretty much my main worry. A few friends of mine and family members has told me, "GO on a Road Trip!". They have told me that it's a once in a lifetime experience, and I probably will never get that chance again. Roy has told me that as well.
At first, I was a little bit wary about doing that because it will add about 2500 miles on my almost 6 year old car, traveling for a long time can cause me to get migraines, etc. However, Roy did the research, and found that I could save about $500 if I go on a road trip instead of paying to get my car transported then take the plane to Las Vegas.
The more that I sat and thought about it, the more I realize that I will probably never get this opportunity again, so I should just do it. So, I'm going on a Road Trip baby! :-) Las Vegas or Bust.
Now, that brings an issues with the cats. At first, I was just going to bring them with me on the car and have a friend that's not allergic to cats join as well. However, Roy brought up a good point (he's just so damn smart, and sometimes I just don't listen to him), that the second reason why I'm going on the road trip is to bring my car to Vegas. The first reason would be to enjoy the experience of once in a lifetime. If I had my cats with me in a hot July month, I probably will not be able to sightsee that much or long because the cats will be in the car. While I can take preventative methods to avoid my cats to get heat stroke, the cats will always be in the back of my mind. He's right. Damn it. He also said, "I don't want to hear you complain later that you wished you did that, you wished you did this."
So, I've decided to go on the road trip sans cats. What am I going to do with the cats? Roy is going to do research on pet traveling through the plane. Roy has told me that airlines are more careful with animals this time around. I haven't really heard any horror stories, but from what my friends tell me that yes sometimes things happens. A friend's friend brought over her two cats on the plane, and their personality has changed. Mocha is a bitch, sometimes. But she's my bitch. She has a bit of cattitude, but other days she's in your face and want attention. Hobbes is just Mama's boy.
And then there's the drugs. Oh the drugs. :-) I probably will get them lightly sedated, and hopefully they'll sleep through the plane ride. Plus, on the Continental Airlines, they have what's called QuickPak. It will get the animals to their destination a lot quicker, so there's no "lag" time that tend to happen on regular flights. So, the more that I'm reading about it, the more I feel comfortable about my cats going on a plane. I already have one large cage, I probably will get another large cage so the second cat can walk around freely.
So we'll see what happens as the time gets closer for us to move! We are already moving our stuff from storage, and getting rid of excess stuff, and putting them in our 2nd bathroom. Man, lots of stuff. LOL!
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