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Ripping them off AGAIN

Posted Jan 22 2009 6:14pm
Peas is doing it again.

Today at group, Peas was very tired and irritable. Most kids just flop to the floor, have a tantrum, and move on. Not my boy. He rips both coils off of his head and puts them either directly in his mouth, or rips the coils from the cables and throws them across the room.

Have I mentioned that those cables cost $32 each and our insurance doesn't cover them!?!? And that we have gone through 12 since July 3!?!?

That's the least of it, really. What is more frustrating is that when he does this, he can't hear. (Which is why he does it, of course, he doesn't want to hear himself scream and he wants to 'check out' of the situation)

I know it's just a phase, but I feel like every minute at group is so crucial and I hate for him to miss a thing. He is so behind as it is and it is hard to keep trudging along when he rips the darn things off every 10 minutes.
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