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Reconstructive Ear Surgery to Correct Microtia

Posted Feb 23 2011 8:22am

Microtia is a congenital condition of the ear in which the person is born with only a rudiment structure of the external ear or pinna. Although this lack of growth of the external ear may not impede hearing, it is not pleasant in appearance and detracts from the symmetry of the face. Reconstructive ear surgery to correct microtia is mostly done in children between the age of five and seven.
Basics of the Reconstructive Ear Surgery
microtia Houston When the child is old enough and has enough cartilage growth to be used in ear reconstruction, reconstructive surgery cam be done. There are two basic considerations for ear surgery: position of the external ear and the elevation of the external ear. The first procedure takes 5 hours to complete and the second procedure is done after four months to allow natural healing. Sometimes reconstruction is also done using artificial materials instead of cartilage, but the body adapts better to natural cartilage.
Reconstructive Ear Surgery Procedure
In the first procedure a new ear is built in the position of the ear using cartilage taken from the ribs as cartilage from that area has the ability to reform. Then the cartilage is reshaped to resemble an ear and placed under the skin in the position of the ear. A natural shape is obtained as the skin takes the shape of an ear. Recovery takes about three days and the ear is formed well while being flat against the head. The second procedure is performed after a gap of four months when the newly formed ear has healed and the cartilage has adapted to it’s new position enough to undergo another surgery. In the second surgery the ear is elevated by using a skin graft and a small cartilage block to hold the ear off the side of the head.
As cartilage from one’s body used, this autologous graft is easier accepted by the patient’s organism. So the use of natural cartilage for ear reconstruction is strongly advocated. Reconstructive ear surgery to correct microtia is a very successful surgical procedure that helps to recreate the normal ear shape and facilitates hearing, where possible.

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