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Reba concert

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
I talked to my interpreter about how to ask for interpreting services and such. I never use agency interpreters. Only for classes.

So, I have always been slightly disappointed when I go to a Reba concert and find that I cannot understand what Reba is talking about. Which is why I don't go very often. I think I've only gone to about 7 concerts within the last 17 years that I've been a fan (gosh, has it really been that long?!). I pretty much know all her songs except for the early years (too honky tonk for my taste).

Reba will be in Reno. I wanted to see her with Kelly Clarkson since this is 2 Voice, 2 World type of tour. So it's kind of special tour. Melissa Peterman will also be an opening act (she plays Barbra Jean on "Reba" show).

So, I am able to get interpreters!! AWESOME! Now I am working on trying to get tickets as close as possible. The great thing is that the concert tour tickets are cheap. My last concert was like 75 bucks...EW! This time, it's a lot cheaper.

I'm working on getting airfare tickets and hotel. We'll see what happens! Most likely I will go alone, but it's possible that my interpreter will go (she's also a Reba fan). However, because it will be conflict of interest, so she cannot go and do it as a "job". Instead, she may go as a friend. Kind of hard to keep those two separate!

Anyways, so that's my good news.

It will be really interesting to see how it goes with my CI. I am able to pick up quite a bit more words in songs without even knowing the lyrics. My right CI, however, sounds slightly echoy in a way. I may need a new map. I would love to see if I can increase my DR without compromising the volume. The volume is just about right, but some higher pitched sounds are sounding a little quiet. I am starting to use my P1 (ADRO and Auto sensitivity) more and more. It did take a bit getting used to. It's not bad! In a way, I prefer P1 for my left, and P2 (auto sensitivity) for my right. Man, it's weird having two different ears, two different preferences, DRs (left is 42, Right is 28), etc. But hey, it just sound outright weird with just one.

I found a tidbit...there's approx 4000 bilateral implantees.
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