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Re: Mishka...Deaf Culture-Deaf Community??

Posted Nov 27 2008 10:09am

In Mishka's postAgainst ASL and Deaf Culture, Karen Mayes Says:

I really don’t have a problem with ASL (we use it predominately at home) and Deaf Culture. In fact, it is fun and comfortable, but I am not 100% involved due to having two children mainstreamed in public schools and my husband working at a hearing company. I just go on my life, not thinking about Deaf Culture, etc, just like most of people just living. Deaf culture is really part of Deaf community, nothing more, as well as oral deaf people, CI deaf people, Cued Speaking deaf, late deafened, etc, just being part of Deaf community.
It all comes down to finding one’s comfort zone and one’s journey to find a sense of belonging.

It's taken me a year, but I now understand the difference between Deaf Culture and Deaf Community....I think.

Can you have liberal views regarding CIs, oral methodologies and cued speech if you are a part of Deaf Culture??

Is Deaf Culture the radical, anti-anyone-who-doesn't-use-ASL branch of the Deaf Community?

If I make a statement that the Deaf Community is becoming more open-minded towards the CI Community, is that true or false?

PS. I gave a presentation on Saturday to a group of Speech Therapists at a Cochlear Implant Course, and I asked Jordan to help me by making a video. After about ten attempts we finally got one right...(okay, we are in the bathroom-no damn light in my house!)
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