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Random Thursday Thoughts...

Posted Feb 04 2010 12:00am

  • Why does my son put off doing his homework? 
  • Why is the TV not working?
  • Is that rear tire on Betty (car) getting little worn out? Will she need a new one? How can that be?
  • I need to get Betty washed. She's gettin' awfully snow-dirty. 
  • I really think it's unfair that certain people do not pay overdue fines...just because they're faculty. But students and staff gets billed for overdues. Sheesh.
  • I need to try the Kaboom bathroom spray to see if it works.
  • Need to hang up curtains in Ashley's room.
  • Wishing I can order a new swimsuit. But I'm afraid to order one, try it on to find out it doesn't fit or look good on me. 
  • I'm really happy one of my friends got a job...I'm so thrilled for him!
  • Told my son today, "We'll wait and see if God wants us to move this summer or not..just wait and see"
  • Also told my son tonight, "I do NOT want to call Jo from SuperNanny to come and scold you into doing your homework. She will scold you into listening to your mommy. And that would NOT make YOU look good!"
  • The National Anthem will be sung in ASL for the Superbowl Sunday game! Can't wait!
  • So glad Wii is fixed.
  • So glad to have my dining table back.
  • What is the difference between "6 more weeks of Winter and 6 weeks until spring?" me it means almost the same thing...unless I'm missing the point somewhere here.
  • Boy, that tall glass of chocolate milk was awfully good. 
  • Special K cereal is on sale for $1.88 at CVS. What a deal!
  • Need to stop staying up so late every night.
  • Oh, don't forget, tomorrow you'll be getting yourself re-certified in CPR training. Ah, how I love to learn how to save lives!
The list could be lots longer than that. I'm sure many of you have that as well.

Yet, keeping my mind occupied is a good thing, yeah?

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