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Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
I went to south Jersey for a meeting. In a way it was a little strange because they all were deaf, except for the two that were hearing, and NO one spoke. I have a habit of speaking in proper English, but signing PSE/ASL at the same time. I cannot just turn off my voice and "speak" in ASL. It's hard for me. The interesting thing is that I hear people breathing, I heard the little dog barking (nothing new because I was able to hear that with my HA, so that wasn't a big deal). However, the owner of the house, who is deaf, was talking to another person, who is hearing, and he was pretty loud. I had to turn down my sensitivity level just to try to tune him out. I couldn't. It was POURING on my 2 hour trip down there...and what did I hear all the way down...yep the freakin' rain pelting down on the roof of my car. Okay, now I see why it's a bit annoying. While I love the sound of rain, but not like that. It felt like pin needles dropping on top of my head.

I went to my Dad's house on my way home. I haven't seen him since the surgery. He wanted to see my battle scars. I talked to him about my activation day, and he said to me, "Why not get the other one done?" I was kind of surprised at this because my parents seemed very laid back and cool about this. They don't ride on my a$$ and tell me why I shouldn't have it done, and how they would be so worried with surgeries, blah know, it's a Mom and Dad *thing* which I don't understand, and probably will start to understand in a few years.

Anyhoo - he was very impressed on how much better I can hear, and he kept asking me, "What?" Throughout our conversation, I told him, "Are you becoming deaf or something?" He said, "Yes. It's from working with helicopters all day long" (he works for the National Guard and works on helicopters and fly them as well). Kinda funny. My stepmother owns 5 birds. I know I used to be able to hear them chirp/ "talk". When she said, "Hello" to one of the my surprise, I heard it clear as a bell (what the heck does that mean anyways?!), that Sterling responded, "Hel-Lo". Very COOL! Then, when I was leaving, she said, "Bye bye" to one of the birds, and the bird responded, "Bai Bai".

I went to my Mom's house yesterday, and it has been a month since she saw me on activation day. She got a new TV...and the TV's captioning is "not available". What the hell? They better get the digital captioning on or I'm not going over to visit. My step dad saw me as a cyborg for the first time. He was pretty impressed. He crumbled up papers on purpose just to drive me crazy.

Yesterday, everything seems soooo loud. I turned down the volume, I turned down the sensitivity, and everything was still loud. I had a hard time fixing my hair as well because every time I move, or turn my head, I can hear my hair rubbing against the microphone, that's annoying...really. It's like I have a built in sandpaper on my head. Ew. I took a nice long bath (over an hour according to my feet that seemed to turned into raisins). Took off the damn thing, and went to bed.

This morning seems better, but I am picking up a lot of sounds that sounds like sandpaper. Moving my laptop on the carpet, moving my head, cats using the loo, people upstairs walking around, so ew.

Oh, forgot to add, there's a dog barking that's probably on 3rd floor or 4th floor (I live on 2nd), and he's crazy. They JUST moved in, and the dog barks all day long. Don't they know that there's someone in the building with supersonic hearing and would like to have some ****ing peace and quiet?

"Take off your CI!", you may yell at me...I don't want to...I just complain. I know it, Roy know it, Mom knows it. It's my human side of me that I can't get rid of. Sorry.
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