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Pulsatile Tinnitus - What Are The Causes and How to Permanently Cure Pulsating Tinnitus

Posted Feb 13 2011 8:41am 1 Comment

Pulsatile tinnitus is fortunately one of the most treatable types of tinnitus. While other types are mostly caused by irreversible damage to the ears, most pulsating tinnitus causes can be "fixed" and thus cured. Here you will find the most common reasons for pulsating tinnitus and to permanently get rid of the ringing in your ears.

What Does it Sound Like?

Pulsating tinnitus sounds like most other types of tinnitus (lower pitched thumping, booming noise, clicking, ringing, sound of blowing wind and more). The difference is that the sound is rhythmical and beats in time with your pulse. The beating can be single, rhythmic or multiple biphasic beats.

What Cause Pulsatile Tinnitus

This specific type of ringing is mostly caused by a change of blood flow in the large arteries and veins of your neck, or the smaller blood vessels inside the ear.

  • High Cholesterol - high levels of cholesterol accumulate in these arteries and cause reduction in the size of the blood vessels. The blood supply to the ears is reduced and this is what causes the heartbeat sound in your ears.
  • High blood pressure - The brain is usually surrounded by cerebrospinal fluid. When the pressure exerted by it elevates, it leads to pulsating tinnitus. Many of hypertension sufferers are overweight or smokers.
  • Chronic inflammation of the inner ear - chronic inflammation damages the fragile structure of the inner ear.
  • Sinus infections - this can cause the thickening of the mucous in the inner ear and the body can't drain it on its own anymore.
  • Rare causes are Benign Tumors, Vascular Lesions (caused by Aneurism and arterio-venous malformation), twisted arteries in the head and neck regions.
How to Permanently Cure Pulsating Tinnitus  

This type of tinnitus is easily treatable. You can choose to take loads of medication to lower your blood pressure, lower your cholesterol and OTC anti-inflammatory drugs. But these drugs have long term side effects that decrease the quality of your life and can damage your liver and kidneys. The best way to get rid of this permanently is using natural methods only. Switching to healthy nutrition, exercising and using natural anti-inflammatory has helped thousands of people world wide to get rid of pulsatile tinnitus for good.

If you want to discover a step by step holistic and natural method to cure pulsating tinnitus, Click Here

A former tinnitus sufferer (and a nutritionist and health consulter) discovered a simple 3 step plan to banish tinnitus for good - without surgery, medication or dangerous "magic potions" that do more harm than good. To find out more go to Help-For-Tinnitus - Right now!

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I would have to agree in this case.

I am not a big proponent of drugs or surgery however everyone is different and for some those are the two options of choice.

So with that being said I would recommend that you try “masking” your tinnitus while you research or begin some form of treatment.

If you are not able to do this then it doesn’t matter what form of treatment you try as you will likely not feel like doing much of anything since no immediate results are provided. It is important to remember that "masking” can provide immediate results for most and should be used in conjunction with other treatment options. People are motivated by results so like dieting if you can lose a few pounds of water weight overnight, etc. you are motivated and more likely to continue and follow through.

Or at least that is my opinion…

Your friend,
Tinnitus Insider
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