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Pre Weekend Update

Posted Apr 16 2010 1:55pm
In fast forward...
Brook can now double tie her shoes....(no, I still don't have time to argue over frivolous things such as socks! lol)

Today I had fifth graders. The thing about fifth graders (as a substitute teacher) is when they ask, "Mrs. Blakely, how do you spell chihuahua?" during their writing assignment, you can't say, "that would be D, O, G !" If I have no idea, I must look it up...
I also had a refresher course in triple digit multiplication......whew, I was sweating some of those problems but they had no idea! The teacher's manual only gave me the answers and I had to show them how to work out the problems so the answer wasn't a lot of help unless you could carefully place each digit after you counted all your fingers remembered all your math facts...876x427 is harder to do on the spot than it looks...but I worry as a sub I'll damage these kids (not being an actual teacher) trying to work through these things...but I did it!

Right in the middle of math, there was a knock at the was Brook's kindergarten teacher. My eyes roll back instinctively, I take a deep breath as I quickly think, can I turn off the light and pretend I'm not here? Instead I make my way to the door desperately hoping my child hasn't done anything too terribly bad that would warrant a classroom interruption. Sweat beads on my forehead as I drag my feet to the door...
Braced for the worse, I open it and was relieved to discover her whole class out there! They were visiting around reading to different classes and Brook read a few pages to my class! So cute (since she wasn't in trouble).  At the end of the day, both of my children came into my class as I had instructed so they can remain w/me during bus loading, and car loading. As we awaited the final bell, several kids in the fifth grade gathered around, "Uh, what's that on his head?" they asked. I answered, "Cochlear Implants, both of them wear them in order to hear, otherwise they hear nothing." And quickly they moved on to, "Uh, how much do they cost?" and I answered back, "Seven thousand dollars each and that doesn't include the surgeries they had to make those work!" And one kid piped in, "Well, does Medicaid not paid for that?" I assured them we had insurance to help cover the expenses. Love these kids, they are so interested...
Gage's x-ray on his right ear came back as normal placement of electrodes...still unsure of a reason for having to turn off seven electrodes...more to come after our visit on April 26 w/Cochlear. Now off to enjoy my weekend playing Frisbee and riding four wheelers!
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