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Pre-sleep-phenomenon update

Posted Dec 12 2008 6:33pm

I have received suggestions about a previous article “pre-sleep-phenomenon” that it could be myoclonic jerks, or more commonly known as hypnic jerks.

Wikipedias Definition of Myoclonus

I don’t think my pre-sleep-phenomenon is hypnic jerks. I’ve had hypnic jerks all my life, sometimes so powerful that I jump in the bed. But the phenomeon I wrote about earlier is nothing like that. My body lies still, it all happens in my head. And the feeling is all in the head. Like a icy rug being dragged over my exposed brain very quick…. And then a feeling of silence….

I haven’t felt it for some time now, this phenomenon, so I wonder if it is related to a combination of the fatigue and the strain I have put on my residual hearing….

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