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Prayers Answered!

Posted Oct 27 2008 7:15pm
The only thing that has been standing in our way of the second CI (as far as we know), was getting insurance to pay for it. My husband is a (non-paid) resident at Univ. of Florida and I am a stay at home mom--therefore, the kids and I are on Medicaid with a second type of insurance, CMS (children's medical services, a insurance for disabled children).

Medicaid does not pay for a second CI and we were told by doctors and audiologists that they had never heard of CMS paying for a second one and to not get my hopes up. Also, our chances were lower than normal especially with the economy being in such bad shape. My husband did not want that to stop us from doing this for our little boy and said that we would take (more) loans out if needed.

We are a family who live our lives based around our faith. All of our major decisions that we have had to make regarding Logan have not come with out much prayer and faith. This decision was no different. When my husband graduated UCLA dental school, we had a choice to make about where he would do his two year endodontic residency. We could stay at UCLA, which was financially a better decision, or go to Florida, which would put a real strain on us financially. Neither of us had been to Florida, we didn't have any family or friends near there and didn't know much about the city. We tried to ignore the feeling that we should make the move to Florida, it was a scary, unknown adventure. After much thought and prayer, we felt that there was something in the small town of Gainesville that was drawing us there, possibly getting Logan's second ear done there, since UCLA was denying us one there.

On Sunday, my husband and I decided to fast for the purpose of hoping that CMS would cover the $80,000- ish upcoming surgery.

I was surprised to hear from CMS so quickly today, I wasn't expecting a call for another week or so. Well, the answer brought me to a good way. They were going to cover the surgery! I was shocked and had to ask again if they were aware that this was CI # 2, because I heard that they don't cover that normally. The woman chucked and assured me that CMS knew what they were approving!

I know that my Heavenly Father is mindful of us and am grateful that prayers are answered!
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