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Playground CI explanation and competition

Posted Sep 06 2012 12:00am

Last night at the school playground, Lily saw a little friend that she thought she knew from Kindergarten. Sure enough, the little girl said, "I saw you jump roping today."  And then they were off playing together.

Soon we heard the little girl say to Lily, "What is that circle on your head?"  Lily looks at her with a face that says what are you talking about?  And then says, "Oh, they are my CIs.  They help me hear."

The other little girl pauses and then says "Oh."   Next thing we know they are off playing again.  Mom and Dad just smile.

Soon the girls are playing some kind of chase on the playground equipment.  The other little girl says "go down the slide."  Lily says, "I can't. There is too much static."  The other little girl says, "There are a lot of things you can't do."  So Lily starts making up tricks that the other little girl can't do and keeps saying "No do it like this."  

As the playing field levels, Lily's confidence in herself and attitude makes the difference.  Her ease of making new friends in an instant answer all those worries we had at the beginning of this hearing journey.


Tonight we again met this little girl on the playground.  The kids rushed up and huged each other.  Then the little girl immediately says to Lily, "Would you like to play with me on the playground equipment, but not on the slides."  Lily says, "Sure."  And off they went.    

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