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Pierced Ears and Cochlear Implants

Posted Jan 23 2010 1:05pm
Woohoo! A very dreaded task is now over, and look how pretty!
I held off when Brook was a baby with the whole ear piercing task. I knew one day she would ask why I've never got her ears pierced and I'd cave, take her down to the local Wal Mart or wherever they pierced little ears...
Well, some little girls in her class have cute little earrings and she asked this week if we could go get her's pierced too, so she could wear some ice cream earrings like her friend. I immediately called my partner in crime (aka Nanny-my mom) and we decided to take her today. I've always held off, her having hearing aids as a baby, now cochlear implants and glasses, I wanted for her to ask for them before I added anything else to those little ears. She asked, we took her, she received!!
Now for the confession. I took advantage of her not being able to hear that loud clicking (which is the scariest part of getting them pierced!) and I fibbed, which I fully apologized for after the fact. I told her the lady would mark the spot with a pen (true) and then put the thing up to her ear which would squeeze her ear (all true and I demonstrated the squeeze)...but I didn't tell her a hole would be made and an earring shot through her earlobe...instead I told her it would squeeze her ear and measure it...(fib) When all was said and done, she took off her processors, the piercer squeezed her ears, a couple of dirty looks thrown in my direction from the tot, only a couple of tears shed...and she was fine. I apologized for not telling her the full truth but she understands why I did that...and she agreed that she would have not done it had I told her what that thing really was doing...but she is so happy and so glad she did it! She can't stop looking in the mirror!
And here's a shot of the musicians rocking the house this morning.
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