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Parents Always Make Mistakes

Posted Feb 02 2009 10:48pm

On the last post, John left a comment and said, referring to Jordan:
"Let's hear what he has to say when he is 21 years old."

I hope that he says that I was a good mom. He will one day reach that age where he sees me as a person, not just as a mom, and he will judge me, my lifestyle and my character. We all grow through that period at one point in our lives, it's never easy. We realize the mistakes our parents made with us, so we are forced to look at the reasons why they made such mistakes. We go through a period where we judge them, then if we are truly evolved human beings we begin to understand them and even empathize with them for having erred. And we all make many mistakes.

Love is the saving grace. Because, if we manage to make our children feel loved along the way with all of the many mistakes we make, they will get through the period where for the first time in their lives, they detect weakness in the two human beings who had always been rocks.

I'm sure Jordan will have quite a bit to say when he's 21 years old...he's already started complaining and he's twelve.

Luca wrote a post for the CI Circle Blog that has yet to be completed and he wrote, "Looking back at my life, thinking about all I've experienced after my son was born, all the good and the bad moments that I've lived... I wanna tell you one thing: if I could go back and have the power of choosing my son, I would want him the way he is.. I would want him exactly the same, I wouldn't change a dot of him.
He is my son, my perfect wonderful deaf son and I love him.


(When he gives us hell, I'll be sure to show him this post...)
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