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Our new addition

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
Featuring: Gargamel!
I promised Roy that he can pick out whatever cat/kitten he wants and he can name him after we moved. I only have small requests: It must be from a shelter. Must be submissive as I have an alpha female and she can get nasty to other females, hence why a boy cat may be better. Must be young, but not 3 to 5 months old, because after 5 months, the personality comes out. I thought we'll wait a couple months before heading out to the SPCA shelter, but he seemed to be interested now. I think because my mom is fostering 4 stray kittens made his "biological kitten clock" tick.
We headed to SPCA shelter on Saturday, fully aware that we'll not bringing home a kitten/cat.
We walked in and I have never seen so many cats in one large space. There's 4 or 5 very large areas full of cats. Of course, the first cat that greeted us was very beautiful, but damn she was nasty! That's a no-no. We walked around, and headed into the "Special needs/declawed cats" While we both do not support declawing, as long as we didn't do it ourselves, it's okay. We also have big hearts, so if the cat is diabetic or missing a leg, we'll adopt him/her. We went in there, Roy's heart melted when he saw Gargamel. Roy picked him up and held him gingerly. Gargamel just snuggled right by his neck/shoulders. I went into my Vet Tech mode and checked his gums, teeth, body score, ears, eyes, and nose. He was definitely very skinny. Aside from a kitty cold (very common with shelter cats) and his weight, everything checked out good. I explained to the employee that there may be a small chance that my other two cats will not accept him, so I need some sort of return just in case. She said that I can "foster" him for a couple months and during that time I should be able to tell whether my other two cats will accept him. She did warn me that there may be something more since his brother is suffering from some sort of liver disease, so it's a good idea to foster him that way if he is more sick or have problems, SPCA will pay for medical bills or take him back. This is a no-kill shelter, with some small exceptions. Roy was a bit worried that he seemed to be skinny and sick. I told him that more often younger kittens or cats get bullied, and they don't eat the food, also that once he comes home, he'll get better faster with us caring for him. So, Roy signed the foster papers and we took him home.

We did not name him Gargamel. Roy is currently thinking of names for him. :-) Darth Vader, Mr. Bean is a couple name ideas. Gargamel has a very unique coat. In the picture, he does look a bit scruffy looking, but his color is smoke. The tips of his fur is black, but the ends where it grows from the skin is white. You can't really tell, but he also has a tabby pattern. It's just a very unique coat. He needs to gain quite a bit of weight before I can really breathe easier. He is only slightly less than 4 pounds. He's about 6 1/2 months old. His baby teeth has fallen out with exception of his premolars, the largest teeth in the back, has grown in, but baby premolars is still there.

We brought him home, I gave him a bath to get rid of the shelter smell. He was actually pretty good. The younger the kitten is exposed to bathing, the better he/she will be later. All my cats get baths once in a while. I clipped his sharp claws, cleaned the goo from his nose. He looks great. He's SUCH a lover boy. He rather snuggle up on your shoulder or lap than to play. He loves to "make muffins". He's eating the wet food well. Which is probably why he didn't eat too much at the shelter since they only give out dry food. He'll have a great personality. I can only hope that my other two cats will accept him, that's what make or break the deal.

Nothing really new or exciting on the CI side. My right still sounds a bit "scratchy" or sounds like there's buzzing in the background. It's a bit annoying. I can't quite figure out why though. Either it's from the air conditioner or something's up with the map. I could easily figure it out by just going outside, but that doesn't help because the units are outside and I can hear those, as well as planes flying overhead every 20 minutes. I'm just going to wait and see and allow my ears to "adjust". So...wait and see. :-)
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