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Open House

Posted Aug 31 2009 10:49pm
Today was open house at Thomas' preschool. A few days ago I received a letter from his school letting all the parents know that starting the 1st day of school we are to drop off/pick up via car ~ no parking and walking your child in. I read that and thought "YEAH RIGHT... I don't think so". See, because of the school levy not passing (over and over) there were budget cuts and schools were closed and some were consolidated. Thomas' preschool was moved and joined with the daycare (they are in a separate part of the school building). Parking is VERY limited...this morning the staff parked on the playground and there still wasn't enough parking for everyone. I ended up having to park across a main street. So I can see why they sent the letters out...even though its going to rip my heart out to not walk Thomas in on his first day I'll do as I am asked. But let me tell you...if I see one tear come down his sweet, little cheek or if he asks me to come in with him I'll park and run in with him.

Anyway, we walk in and I write Thomas' name on a name tag and stick it on his little shirt. We were escorted to his classroom....He held my hand through the hallway and into his classroom. We met his teacher, I introduced myself and Thomas...he said "Hello Ms Mong, nice to meet you" as I started talking with his teacher about my concerns on dropping him off and how attached he is to me, blah blah blah, Ms. Mong says "I think he'll do just fine..look" I looked over my shoulder and there is my little boy interacting with his new "frunds" ~ playing grocery store and telling them all about the " vegtles" they were holding. He played so well...I was talking with a few other parents and I bent down to tell Thomas that tomorrow I would have to leave, i wouldn't be able to stay with him but I would be there to pick him up....he said "you leave now...bye Mom..miss you...see ya later". Myself and the other mom's had a good laugh.
Although it makes me sad to know that my baby is growing up...that for a few hours a day I won't be there to protect him, to help him and to make sure everything is going well~ I know that he will be having fun, making friends and learning ~
goodness, the past 3yrs have gone by so quickly ~ whew.
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