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Old Ear vs. New Ear

Posted Apr 15 2009 11:47pm

So which ear is old and which one is new? Well, we are calling his "new ear" the reimplanted ear, and his "old ear" the one that had never been implanted until now. Can you believe that he already prefers both processors rather than just one. I can't wait til we start auditory or listening therapy tomorrow. He can already repeat most babble or nonsense words (wa-we-wo, ba-ha, etc.) with each ear alone!! So if your kid only has one ci-and you're thinking of going bilateral should they should hear this...Even after over four years of his old ear being unaided, he CAN REPEAT BABBLE with that ear alone, so it's working well for him! He tried to tell me he couldn't understand me well enough with his new ear alone, but he still was able to repeat the babble I gave him. He just like wearing two now.
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