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No Problems....

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:45pm
Thomas had his mapping appointment today at 1pm. When Dr. M called us back she asked how everything was going and I explained to her about the episode this past Sunday and how Thomas has been pointing at his ear/cheek (for lack of better description). She checked both ears and they looked perfect. So no ear infection. From the way he was acting in the office and the fact that he is 2yrs old we summed it up to "maybe he was having a bad day". But, if it continues than we should contact her and let her know.
His mapping went well. Very little changed in either CI. Thomas refused to sit on my lap, though. Every other appointment he has been very good at sitting on my lap and playing with the various toys in front of him, hitting the "button" when he hears a sound and cooperating with the audi. Today he stood in front of me and when he would hear a sound he would look into the "tunnel" and wait for his treat to slide down. He would not press the button or look at the dancing pig in the tiny box...he had to do it HIS way!
Oh, the joys of having a 2yr old!!!
We did get to talking about school districts, IEP's and the problems that we can run into. I was fairly surprised at certain school districts...especially one's that I thought were exceptionally well and it turns out that I was wrong. Oh well...a few more months to do our research and than it's the dreaded transitioning phase!!!
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