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(NL-0055) CI after 1 year

Posted Mar 21 2010 2:41pm

Wow. It's been one year, today, that I had my first CI procedure., and it's been four months since I had my 2nd CI put in. Boy-howdy, I have some kind of ears now, let me tell you!

Off topic slightly, I don't know how much longer it can make any sense to call my blog "Not Listening." Seems to be the exact opposite of what I am doing these days. Going to give that some thought (later).

Right now, my hearing is, quite literally, at 100%. I can, without lip-reading, understand 100% of the words spoken to me in a hearing test. Just 365 days ago, my score was zero percent.

From zero to 100 in just 61 maps. (that sounds too funny, almost like an ad for this car below, eh?)

( Car with ears? )

My perception is that nearly 40% of the hearing gains I have made have all come in the last few months. I know it did not take any time to hear and understand on a very coarse level after the first CIs was activated, but it did seem that there was a fair amount of time to get back to "fine" hearing. Then, after the 2nd CI was put in, I had to redefine what I thought it was to "hear" ... it was like night and day, going from one CI to bilateral CIs. Oh my, so very much better.

It does seem that patience and practice has paid off for me.

For all of the folks that are considering a CI or for those folks who have recently received a CI, I have this bit of advice: go for it (getting a CI) and then stick to it (learning to hear again).

Practice hearing with your spouse, kids, in-laws, family, friends!

Learn a new spoken language!

Use your phone, TV, radio, CD player!

Remap your CIs early and often! ( I do have 61 different maps, but not more than 10 mapping sessions ... but I'm picky; your experiences may vary! )

So, crank up the lawn mower, leaf blower, and chain saw!

Relish it (or at least make a good showing toward that) when your wife spends hours and hours yelling at you for making mud tracks in the kitchen.

On a quiet evening, discover more about your child's voice as he proudly reads the Seuss classic "Mr Brown can 'Moo,' Can you?"

On your next outing, smile when that nut-job-driver cuts you off while blasting his his horn in your CI-ears; listen happily to the screeching of his tires as he races off. Later, listen to the crispness of the crunching leaves as you trek through the woods or discover the muted night sounds while standing in a field of freshly fallen snow.

Then throttle up your Harley and head back home for more; just remember not to make mud tracks in the kitchen when you get home!


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