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(NL-0053) The CI works? You must be dreaming!

Posted Jan 27 2010 10:56am

I see now that I was dreaming concerning my CIs. I was off in fantasy land and not anywhere near real life. I fully admit it.

I had been having such a pleasant time these past few months and thinking that "hearing" could not possibly be any better.

I was listening to some music and then, as I made a slight adjustment to my BTEs (behind the ear processors), I was rudely awaken from my CI hearing induced dream-state and brutally forced back to the quiet realm of "Not Listening."

Everything went totally and utterly silent.

There I sat in my bed, not hearing anything. Not a sound. Not a peep. I was completely confused.

But why should I be so confounded? Why would I expect otherwise? After all, I could see my BTEs ten feet away on the dresser table, right where I had left them the night before.

It slowly dawned on me that I had been very deeply dreaming.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

That dream seemed so very real, that when I woke up, I simply could not understand and I could not conceive the reason why everything had just gone silent.

In my dream I was listening to a jazz band; muted trumpets, snare drum beating, the saxophone and clarinet "calling" each other. These were the sounds that were being internally generated by my brain. While sleeping, I had been listening to those self-generated sounds.

But there was a new twist here: for the first time, in my dreams, I specifically dreamed I was hearing all sounds through my bilateral CIs.

It's no wonder I was confused when I woke up; I was not wearing my BTEs and, therefore, was not able to hear anything at all.

People do often ask me if I hear sounds when I dream and the answer is a resounding "YES!" All throughout the time I was totally deaf (about 20 years), I always dreamed with a sound track (and in full color too!). But the present dream was much different as I dreamed I was hearing via my CIs and BTEs. How very interesting.

While I have to admit that my dream-based CIs seemed to hear music pitch-perfect, and my real CIs don't, I can and do enjoy listening to some of my favorite jazz songs each day.

The CI's allow the "impossible" dream of hearing to cross back over into reality. And, I believe, some of my reality to cross over into my dreams.

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