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(NL-0051) CI Whack Jobs

Posted Jan 12 2010 1:02am

There's nothing like a little controversy to encourage the CI whack jobs to come out of hiding (see my last posting ).

I had a huge number of insulting, off-the-wall, totally strange, and biased comments (none of those were published).

So, want to say something nice about your own CI in your own blog? That's like rubbing yourself in sugar and honey, and laying down naked in a field of red fire ants. The whack-jobs will eat you alive.

Want to complain about what you think (from your professional experience) about ill conceived and hard to use features of your CI in your blog? Then it's time to soak in some marinade because the whack-jobs will eat you up like the Cannibals of the south seas.

What is the result of offering some well reasoned, unbiased, and first hand engineering knowledge (from an engineer) about a CI on your blog? Well now, that's the same as asking Dick Cheney (a very famous whack-job) to go hunting with you; very soon you'll get a load of bird-shot in the face.

Might you dare to suggest that, should your child go deaf, you would have him undergo CI surgery? This time it's not bird-shot you get in the face (change the 'O' to an 'I' in the word "shot"and you'll get the meaning).

And never, ever, do you want to ask a whack-job ... er... a commenter... to provide links, data, or other clear and concise references to back up their nut-job-claims. Jeeze... Why, there's no telling what would happen if we all relied on unbiased facts.

Now, don't get me wrong here, I believe in letting others have their say. I believe in freedom of expression. I believe anyone has the right to offer an opinion, even a total-nut-job opinion. But I also believe that I don't have to publish those opinions, nor do I have to respond to them.

While any one is free to comment, please remember that this blog is not a place for folks to spout bias for or against any one CI brand, make, and/or model. It's not a place for anyone to obscure facts with meaningless data and drivel. It's not a place for non-CI implanted techies to "correct" me about how I know my CI works or should work. It's not for any of that.

This is my soap box.

This is a place for me to offer my own CI whack-job opinions.

So there.


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