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(NL-0047) CI Surgery, the left side

Posted Nov 22 2009 3:47pm

Left-side CI surgery is all set for tomorrow morning. Just like last time, I have to be there about 5:30 AM to get ready for 7:00 AM surgery.

And, like the last time, I had a heck of a time with the pre-register people (see my previous post on Suffering Fools and be sure to check out the photo of the Admin Staff). This time round, I would have no part of the foolishness and demanded a supervisor to put an end to the problems. That worked out very well.

This time, I'm feeling a lot less concerned about the surgery. When I had the first CI put in, I had never undergone surgery before. But it was not too big a deal after all. The main thing I am doing different this time, in getting ready for the surgery, is that I am not eating at all in the prior 24 hours before I go in. Last time, even though I did not eat a full 12 hours before the surgery, the effects of the anesthesia made me toss my cookies. I might still have the same problem this time, but at least it will be limited to dry-heaves (I hope!).

Here's a helpful hint for those of you who wear glasses and are contemplating a CI: Today I had the optical-eye-glass place remove the left side ear support from my eye-glass frames. Otherwise I would not be able to wear my glasses at all for a couple of weeks. The CI incision runs the entire length behind my ear and up onto the side of my head. The ear support of my glasses would continually rub on the incision if I don't remove it from the frames. My glasses stay put just fine, even though I have only the right ear support in place. I guess I must have a bigger nose than I thought.

In other things, I've been "taking it easy" since early November. I call this time "a well deserved vacation." My wife calls it "being lazy." I think she may be half right, but I'm going to continue to "be lazy" until January. Nothing much happens, business-wise, from Thanksgiving to January 2nd anyway. Might as well take it easy.



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