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(NL-0041) Sounds only Dogs can Hear

Posted Jul 16 2009 5:39pm

In some strange twist of fate, I've realized that I hear more and more sounds that other people cannot hear. This is from a person who was stone-cold deaf four months ago. And these are not imagined sounds. They are real and identifiable. Very unexpected that after the CI process that I would have better ability to hear sounds than most people around me.

An interesting sound is the 120 Hz of "tube type" florescent lamps and also the very high pitch frequency of the screw in florescent type lamps that replace incandescent lamps in your home. I don't know if I am picking up the magnetic induction from the lamps or the actual sound, but I can hear it in certain rooms and locations.

In the conference room at my office, the lights make a singing sound. Annoying to say the least.

Also, I can hear ticking clocks clear across the house. Tick, tick, tick, tick..... My wife can't hear the clocks ticking in the same room (she has "normal hearing"). Several other people I know can't hear the clocks in my house either. How interesting.

I have not yet had an audiogram, post CI. I'm not sure that there is an immediate need for that. I suppose I'll have one done in September. For now, I have used some of the highly calibrated audio and RF generators in my lab to generate sounds and I can hear the noises up to 20 KHz (or maybe the harmonics of them bouncing off the walls). And I can hear down to below 20 Hz.

That pretty much gives me dog ears I think.

Disclaimer for comment posters : I know that hearing sounds is not always the same as understanding sounds. My point today is that I can hear the sounds that others (with normal hearing) cannot hear and I can identify the source. But I'm doing pretty dang good at learning a new language (Chinese). My wife (a native speaker of the language) was really surprised and happy at my new found language skills. So I think I'm doing OK on the understanding side of things too.

At least I know that if anyone leaves a ticking time bomb laying around that I will hear it. :-)


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