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(NL-0024) Goofy Sounds - CI Activation Date

Posted Apr 01 2009 12:00am

11:30 AM, April 2, 2009 (tomorrow) is my activation date.  It appears that the CI specialist and I have mutually exclusive schedules next week and I can't see spending several thousands of dollars to rearrange flights and client appointments. I think I've dissed enough people already.

Anyway, it seems agreeable to everyone in the medical field to go ahead and map the CI. If activated tomorrow, the total time from implant to activation would be 12 full days, or slightly less than half the time I was expecting.  I'll be posting here tomorrow and let you know how it goes.  

I expect to be able to hear "something" but I rather suspect it will take some adjustment on my part to get used to it. I am sure my brain and my hearing nerves need to readjust to external audio stimulation. 

I am also hoping to see CI activation results from fellow blogger Michelle, in Houston, Texas. She was scheduled to have initial mapping yesterday. You can see Michelle's blog here: I Heard That!

Most folks report that at initial activation everything seems to sound like Mickey Mouse (high pitched). I do, very vividly, remember what Mr. Mouse's voice sounds like. I do also recall that when I was first fitted for hearing aides, I thought everything sounded "artificial" and high pitched too. So, if the CI turn on effect is the same as my hearing aides, I don't think I will have any issues. 

I expect to be able to hear something, but I also expect to have to come back and re-tune / re-map my CI a few more times over the next several months.  

All things being equal, I think I would rather listen to Goofy than Mickey. (maybe I'll wear my Goofy sweat shirt to the activation tomorrow!)  

And wouldn't it be cool if the CI had switch settings and programs to add relevant words, voice pitch, and accents for characters of my choosing?  Imagine matching the character voice on the right with the "real" people on the left.  Here's a couple - please feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments section (keep it nice!) 

The Donald Duck setting - for quarreling TV pundits.

Rod Sterling / Twilight Zone Setting - any political party or spokesperson explaining the newest government policy and why it's good for us.

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