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(NL-0005) Selective Hearing

Posted Mar 06 2009 12:00am

I'm getting a lot of positive feed back from family and friends about my impending implant. And that's good.  I am really hopful that I'll be able to hear better soon.

Truth be told, I don't mind not being able to hear so much.  But it is apparent to me that my inability to understand "real-time" voice conversations does make a lot of other folks uncomfortable or just plain unhappy.   I do miss listening to music (all I can hear now is bass, 100 Hz and lower) and I'm very, very unhappy that so much content and news on the web is now in video form with no closed captions for the deaf. But I digress. 

I don't miss hearing paper rustling, screaming kids, or screeching brakes on trucks. I don't miss hearing the traffic on the nearby 101 freeway.

Other advantages for a deaf man : I fly a lot and I do so in blissful silence, even when sitting 15 feet from one of the jet engines it sounds perfectly quiet to me.  At restaurants, I am never disturbed by that screaming kid at the next table. I am never startled by the waiter who drops several plates on the floor.  I can't hear saws or other machines cutting metal or wood (I do a lot of metal/mechanical work).

I don't work in a "cube" or an open office, but if I did, I wouldn't want to hear what my next-door co-worker was saying on the phone.  I would not want to hear him clacking his computer keys or clicking his mouse buttons.  I never have to answer my phone, because everyone who knows me knows I can't hear on a voice line and so I know that only time-wasting telemarking people (also known as "morons") would be calling me.  In short, not being able to hear has a lot of advantages for me and I can concentrate on my work, my dinner, or completely relax on that 14 hour flight to Beijing.  It's all very good.

And for me, there is that wonderful and obvious advantage when it comes to martial strife. And in keeping with my past lack of hearing, I like the idea that I will be able to turn off the implant when "needed."  (A big shout-out to my very funny and very cynical pal Richard P. for sending me the below image - hey, what can I say, he knows me too well !) 

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