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(NL-0002) The Implant

Posted Mar 04 2009 12:00am

Here's some information about my pending implant (see image below).  The implant (6) and electrode array (7) are the parts "installed" during surgery.  The rest of the parts are all external.  The easiest way to explain the operation of the implant is that the "inside part" has an "antenna" that receives wireless signals from the external coil transmitter (5).   

I'm concerned about the "over-the-ear" part of the assembly.  I already wear glasses, and so I don't know how this is going to affect that. The ear piece seems pretty large and contains Ni Cad batteries (heavy).  There is an optional "belt" box that I could wear instead, but I'd have to run the wire down my shirt and that doesn't appeal to me very much either.  Guess this is an opportunity for an old engineer like myself to think up a good hack !  (can any one smell the smoke from my brains yet ?) 


(Image and descriptions taken from product web-pages).

1. The Earhook is soft and comfortable, and sits on top of the ear to hold the sound processor securely in place.
2. The Processing Unit houses the main "computer" for the sound processing system.  It easily attaches to a Behind-the-Ear option (as shown) or to a small connector that works with the Bodyworn controller. It features microphones that help to pick up sound from speech and from the environment.
3. BTE Controller Option sits behind the ear and features buttons which allow you to adjust volume, programs and sensitivity.
4. Coil/Cable unit connects the sound processing unit to the implant on the other side of the skin.  It helps to transmit the electric impulses that enable you to hear. 
5. The Magnet sits in the middle of the Coil and connects with a magnet on the other side of the skin.  This connection between the magnets helps to conduct sound to your hearing nerve.
6. Cochlear Implant body is made of titanium and silicone, and is the most reliable cochlear implant available today.  
7. The Electrode Array extends from the main body of the implant into the Cochlea.  This is the main piece of the implant that delivers sound to your hearing nerve. 

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