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New stuff, IEP stuff, and stuff about bias

Posted Mar 27 2010 12:01pm
Peas said these two new phrases spontaneously in the last few days
(After picking up a letter O) "I found the red O!"

"Cameron step in Noah bunny!"

Pretty cool. He is actually using sentences now.

I am pleased to report that the IEP process seems to have come to a decent conclusion. There were quite a few misunderstandings and quite a few details that the team had to work through. I am so grateful to be an informed and educated parent. It makes all the difference to be well-prepared and have great people working hard for your child-- people who are not influenced by ego or personal agenda. I feel confident that the plan we have in place will be great for Peas.

He will be staying with his current AV therapist and also will get some district services in the form of a small playgroup and consultation when the he goes to mainstream preschool in September. We will try out some assistive listening devices (soundfield, portable tower, FM system) and hopefully have something that will work for Peas when Fall comes.

On a completely different topic, I have been thinking a lot lately about bias and choices different families make when it comes to educating their deaf children. Our family chose AVT and therefore of course we think it is the best way! I am very biased and love to talk all about why I think AVT is the natural choice for teaching deaf kids how to listen and speak. But it is most certainly not the only choice. We chose to have Peas bilaterally implanted, not all families make this choice. We felt it was the best one for our child.

I know I have bias, but I am trying to see the other side of things.
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