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Nevada, Nevata....

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
During class, I would pronounce things, and it was obvious that I came from east coast. They tell me that I pronounce Nevada differently. I pronounce the "a" long, low a. While, here, they pronounce it as A in Cat. Same goes for Wall, Talk. Abbie knows what I'm talking about. Since she posted a hilarious story about Edelweiss and another blog is asking for funny stories relating to CI/ HAs or whatever. I had to ask mom. Here is what she said.

Funny CI stories? Hmmm...well hanging spoons off of your ears was a classic. Racing around recovery like a bat out of hell 30 minutes after anesthesia was another. Younger??? Well, you CERTAINLY had a VERY creative vocabulary.

Once when you thought you had an infection you told me your finger looked "pussy", pronounced as PUSSIE.

Kentuckity For Kentucky ( NO ONE told me that I was saying it wrong until a few years ago! I would add another syllable)

Lingeriee For Lingerie (Instead of the 'au' sound like in Laundry, I would say Ling Er iee)

Schpagetti I am still made fun of this day, I cannot pronounce it correctly, so I end up saying "Pasta" instead.

Chathhhham For Chatham (town in NJ)

Floridam Park For Florham Park in NJ

George-ous For gorgeous

Rape was "grapes" and Grandma had to call me at work to ask me THAT ONE when you asked for it!

And funnel cakes at the Carnival were fondly known as...FUNERAL cakes

As well as making up words for things you did not know the names of...

Hot eat turned out to be toast

Black juice was Coke

Have a laugh!
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