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Nada, zilch, nothing, big fat goose egg

Posted Aug 01 2009 12:00am

Is the response we got from Baby K when we tested out his hearing aids at the audiologist. Although all they did was put us in the booth, sit him on my lap, introduce noises to him, and watch his face his see if he responded. Heck we do that all the time at home for free and get the same results! Not that I really expected any huge results considering he is deaf due to a flawed Connexin 26 gene. This flawed gene in general causes the hair cells in the ear (that transmit sound) to die off or not function properly resulting in hearing loss. So chances are the hearing aids will never work but I will continue to put them on just in case there are a few hair cells hanging around waiting to stimulate that auditory nerve.
We go back to the audiologist next month to get him some new ear molds because he will be grown out of the ones he has now by then and they will probably turn up the volume on his aids to see if that helps his hearing.
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