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My Children are Nuts, and I love It !!

Posted May 31 2009 10:52pm

First of all, if you want your eight year old to read a book, tell him there's cussing in it! Yesterday, while I'm trying to read my book "The Shack", I was continuously interrupted by a bored kid...I suggested "go read a book." I got the standard no way look, and I told him that Rally Caps had a little bit of cussin' in it. His face lit up and he ran and got it off the shelf and he read thru the table of contents and gave me his smile of approval. (oh boy) But he did sit down and read the first couple of pages before ADHD kicked in again but he'll likely pick it back up since he knows I wasn't kidding. And remember, his mind is able to bleep these curse words out (click to read that story!) so we're good.

Next on my catch-up list...just after the reading, he decided to go swim with Brook...which means? neither of my kids could hear since they take their processors off in the pool. So I'm sitting their really into this book, (please read this book if you haven't) and the earth began to shake. Luckily I could hear so I knew it was all the heavy equipment tearing the pavement up in front of my house. Yes, I'm living on a nice dirt road for like....the next year! I felt uncomfortable running outside to take a picture of grown men working on my road, they may think I'm a little weird (or worse) so I waited til they finished and parked the equipment you see here. Anyway, the kids look at me when they feel this equipment wondering what is going on.....I get them out of the pool since they were like prunes anyway, get them dressed and ears back on...and they were surprised to hear all that heavy machinery and loud trucks. Of course they wanted to watch but I explained that I did not want them outside alone when the men were working. I deliberately scare my kids when it comes to these things (a shame we have to do that but we do) and I stay out with them while the workers are in front of the house, keeping them in the back and non-visible. When they finished directly in front of the house the kids went to sit in the back of "Old Yeller" the black truck we have (used to be yellow) and they hid out, playing like they were spying and didn't want to be seen. I kept watch from my window as I did laundry (again, if you've read The Shack you know how hard this was for me!) but I knew I could stare from the window and still let them play outside, I mean the workers were away from the house at this point but I scared the kids so, I had them looking in all directions for people who might want to steal them. Anytime one of the vehicles became visible, two little people came running back to the house. Little did I know, that I should have been watching what THEY were doing to the truck. At some point (I did not see it) after a week of coming home from work and painting that truck, someone (or two) put two tiny Xs in the paint! But that's not even the story here....if my husband were writing it would be, but my story is this...

After all equipment had been parked for the weekend, I finally let Brook play outside by herself. She was right close to the back door since I was still a little uneasy that some people may be lurking around but I could hear her talking. She was talking in a different voice and was pushing a truck. I look outside and see this (above photo) she had on a wig and sunglasses and was pushing a truck. I say "Brook what are you doing? I thought you wanted to play with your babies." She looks at me with her five year old smile, her five year old big blue eyes, and her five year old freckles and tells me "Shh, I'm pretending to be a boy right now. If those men come back they'll think I'm a boy and I'll beat them up with my muscles if they try to steal me." And she was so serious, oh I'm rubbing off on my kids, I'm driving them nuts, when they aren't driving me nuts!! love it.

And by the way Brook has three kids now, Hunter has entered the picture. She tells us though that she can't handle anymore. She claims that she can only take one kid w/her shopping and to the doctor's offices and such, she just can't handle them all. ( I know how it is ) So you'll see Mary JanG, Emma and Brook holding Hunter.

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