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Music through Cochlear implant

Posted Jun 18 2009 1:51pm
I know I love to talk about music and I have noticed this have been the top topic for people who are interesting what music would sound like through cochlear implant. Well after 4 months since the switch on, I can honestly tell you that the sound quality is getting better. I may not hear the best of a woman singer in high pitch any clearer but I have been force to listening to music without lyrics to follow the rhythm. The more that I would listen to the high pitch the better the sound quality will be. The brain needs to learn to get the rhythm perfectly. I wonder how long that will happen to me.

Recently I have been attending to the music concert for the Deaf held by the Ear Foundation sponsor by the Advanced Bionic. I was doing a job for them to capture the event. Some of the musicians are either: - deaf, deaf and blind as well hearing. They came to show people that they could play the music no matter what their disabilities are. We had a deaf and blind person, Russ Palmer, playing the piano and guitar. He undergoes an operation for cochlear implant in 2004 and carrying on with his music fearing he would lose the sound quality. For 5 years, he had been developing his singing tracks and his music so he could fulfill his musical ambition to hear and experience new sounds, as well to perform as a musical artist. I was amazed on how he played on stage. It was such a nice flowing gently rhythm.

(Russ Palmer)

Other deaf players are the band, The Deafness, from Mary Hare School. Mary Hare School is one of the well-known schools for the deaf in UK. I do not know much about the School myself, as I have never went to a Deaf school. The Deafness, were all played by deaf musicians playing, drum, bass, singer and backup singer. They have performance at the Royal Albert Hall, which was highly recommended in public by Ed Balls. They have also performed at the National School prom, Paul Weller, Sugergrass and Kate Tunstall. I wish them much luck for their successes.

The other musician is a hearing person who plays a flute. I am not trying to offend anyone but I do find it sound awful to me. I know its very high pitch and its sound to me as if it screaming my head out waiting to be exploded. Maybe it was out of tune? How do I know if its out of tune? Maybe its because my hearing range have not yet reach it level, maybe that I am not the only one who can’t stand the sound of the flute.

If you know any nice sample of what flute should sound, can you send me a link?

At least we know who is following my step! Cheers Katie!

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