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Music through Cochlear implant stage 2

Posted Jun 18 2009 1:51pm
It have been 2 months since my switch on and everyone is keen on how I am getting on with my hearing. Yes, the sound of Music is coming back. Not Julie Andrews, sorry folk! I am hearing music much better than I did in the last two months. Incase you didn't know what it was sound like in the first month..... just imagine a robotic beeping sound all in low tones and sometimes I did hear the high pitches but it was not very clear. There were lot of sound like whoozz, whitt, ssshhh. This could mean the brain has not adapt to this new sound and its in need for training.

Well, knowing me... I am never for one to be walking before I run. I simple don't have the time to do things slowly. I work all the time in my self employed photography business and I enjoy doing it. I am still trying to send the message across to you all to know about this subtitles on wedding dvd slideshow. Its a brand new service. There is noone else who does them. Plus I'm providing donations to the charity to improve the future. So please check out my website

Ok thats me raving about my loving business and now we will go back to my hearing. Well, I knew I would be too busy to train myself to hear new sound as I am always working by my computer, editing, emailing clients and promoting myself. The only way that I could train myself was that I would listen to music via ipod. I listened to music 8 hours straight. Yes, you might think that I was overdoing thing and my head.. oh my head... it was like ringing in my ear. not the tinnitus but a playback to any catchy music (most of them have lots of upbeats in them!) So remember I couldn't hear the full details apart from drum beats, low pitch of bass, words were distort even though I knew the lyrics , it doesn't sound the same. Is there such music making so much beepings??

Ok, 8 hours might be just a little too much to start with, but I have to said..... each days have improved a lot. I had some training on speeches, trying to match the sound of the word to written word. I even had to guess what come next. The word "Guess" is not a correct word. I kept doing that because I got so used to making up my own word to follow what people were saying. It should be "listen" to the rest of the sentence. I am trying! :)

Two months on, I was listening to my ipod while driving and I have noticed new information in some of the songs. Especailly in Scissor Sisters songs. I knew the songs very well and somehow I was throw off hearing something like a faint sound such as; a clink, a jiggle, a backup singer. I feel really pleased to be able to pick something up through music.

My target to be able to hear music hopefully "perfectly" (not quite as close but close enough) by September 12th 2009. I am going to see Coldplay in Manchester and I can't wait! I know the band have lots of high pitches going on and I am still working on hearing them to sound perfect. The sound of the lyrics are now coming clearer than before. They used to sound like as if the lyrics were drown by their music.

I am much happier now than I was in the last two months. Hearing music is a great passion of mine and I'm hoping to pick up more new songs everyday.

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