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Music Therapy Research - CI Rehab for Toddlers

Posted Sep 26 2010 12:00am

We receive emails and comments from people all over the world on our blog.  The most common topic people have thoughts or questions about is Music Therapy. 

A few weeks ago we received a note from Felicia, a music therapist from Australia, who is interested in working with children who are deaf and hard of hearing.

She found this great article supporting our argument for including Music Therapy in rehabilitation . The article discusses that a Music Therapist in Israel, working with children with CIs, found that spontaneous communication was more frequent and prolonged when music was used.  This is a rapidly growing field of study and one which should be immediately implemented in rehabilitation strategies.  

We didn't know what to do with Lily and music.  Our approach was a gradual one.  According to this research, that seems to be the right approach.   Now Lily demands music in the car, in the house and pretty much anytime she can get someone to turn it on.  She's had a music therapist, been to Kindermusik and now she has music in preschool.  She sings, she twirls, she makes up songs, she picks up words and says "don't turn it off yet.  I want to listen to the whole song."  

Music is critically important to language learning. 

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